Paul Pierce Was Right?

Paul Pierce made a very bold statement last week when he said that he had a better career than “The Flash,” Dwayne Wade. This outraged millions across the internet. Even Jalen Rose called him out on their show.

At first if you had asked what this writer thought about that comment, I had said it was preposterous. But then I got to thinking. Was “The Truth,” Paul Pierce right?

Yes he was. When it comes to championships, The Flash leads. But did he earn those rings? The answer is no. Both championships came at the peaks of other stars careers. A prime Shaq, arguably the most dominate big man in history. Secondly LeBron James, the best basketball player of all time.

When these players came to Miami, The Flash just handed over the ropes and gladly stepped into the shadow of these players.

But when KG and Ray Allen came to Boston, The Truth held his ground. That was his team and meant more to the organization than Wade did. Never did Wade even so much as have a Finals MVP, but Pierce did.

Wade became trade bait late in his career, bouncing from the Bulls, to the Cavs, then back to Miami. Where Miami remained mediocre without a superstar to elevate the game of Wade.

To conclude this take, it is important to remember that championships are not what define the career of stars. It is the character and consistency that the player brought year after year. With that said, Kevin Durant is a snake and his career will forever be defined by his move to Golden State. He too, will have a lesser career than The Truth, Paul Pierce.

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