Tom Brady’s Wife is a Witch

In recent years Tom Brady has been doing unbelievable things on the football field and this past season, his 19th season, he won his 6th Super Bowl. In a Gillette interview the phenom Quarterback gives credit to his wife claiming That she’s is in fact a good witch.

He goes on saying that he has been doing specific things and gives details about how him and his team have been playing so well. He says his wife has created an alter for him and he put pictures of his kids buy it, that she has him saying all these mantras, wearing healing stones, and taking special drops.

Tom Brady says that she predicted their super bowl wins before and that this year he went to her and specifically asked her if this year was their year. She said “Yes, but you have a lot of work to do and you need to do exactly what I say”. As you may know they go on the to win this years Super Bowl. At the end of the interview Tom Brady says that his wife says “You married a witch but you’re lucky I’m a good witch.”

Can you imagine the impact of this being a true story? One, millions of people watch the NFL season year in and year out and for witchcraft to be involved it’s not only cheating, it makes it all pointless. Two, a witch not only telling the world what she’s been doing, but exposing herself to the entire world is insane.

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