The NBA is Going Downhill

When it comes down to watching sports, I will watch anything.  I frequently watch golf, baseball, football, and basketball.  As an avid golfer, I know that my sport isn’t necessarily the most fun to watch for those who are not interested, but I feel like it has no comparison to how the NBA is now.  Now all the NBA is a player crossing half court and throwing up a three pointer, then if he misses, there was good defense, it just has to be a foul.  There is next to no structured offense anymore, and minimal defense.  It doesn’t even look like basketball.  Any given day of the week, I would much prefer to watch NCAA basketball.  During March Madness, or even just a Duke/North Carolina game adds much more entertainment for the viewer than the NBA solely because of the fact that they play basketball.  You can see the offense working trying to find an open man, the defense working their ass off to try to prevent them from scoring.  Except on rare occasions there isn’t a James Harden like player that says give me the ball and get out of my way, which has become the normal view in the NBA.  If the NBA went back to being like that I would quickly start watching again, but I cannot take what the NBA has become, yes it has its moments where something crazy happens, but other than that it isn’t enjoyable to watch, and all the kids growing up want to play like what they see in the NBA and it’s ruining the game.      

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