The NFL is Going Soft

The NFL this past season has come under fire for the amount of roughing the passer penalties that were called last season. This is due to the fact that the most important assets to the NFL are the quarterbacks. They are the most paid and the most protected. They are the cash-cow figure heads of the league. The fan favorite quarterbacks are the most important.

Even the kickoffs were changed which now has basically taken away the chances of the kicking team to recover an onside kick.

Defensive players are not longer allowed to sack a quarterback, or hit the quarterback releasing the ball, and land with their full weight on the quarterback. This makes clean sacks much harder to accomplish. For a defender to go full speed past a blocker, then try and control themselves (opposite as they have been taught for sometimes as long as the past 30 years) is against everything they have learned.

Not only is it hard mentally to control ones self, it is also a higher risk of injury when someone tries to pull up like that. Putting your foot in the ground to catch all your weight is very dangerous for a player. These new rules plus the touchy calls that quarterbacks have always received in their favor, are taking away from the physicality of football and what makes it so great.

A new set of rules are going into effect this upcoming 2019-2020 season that protect all defenders from any kind of “blind-side” hits. This means any unaware defender is protected as they cannot be hit by blockers coming back towards the play. This means that after a rout, most wide receivers cannot affect the play to block for the ball carrier. Defenders can now run freely with no consequence of by blown up by someone waiting for them. This will change the whole future scheme of defense and how the game is played for the worse.

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