Russell Westbrook throws the playoffs on purpose

Going back to the Oklahoma City team that had Kevin Durant and James Harden you could tell Russell Westbrook was envious of the shine. He was happy when they all left. The team was finally his and he could do what he wanted with the rock. He’s better off alone.

When Paul George decided to stay another year Westbrook knew he wasn’t winning a championship. He doesn’t want to be known as a PG that needed help. MR. Triple double doesn’t need help! He doesn’t like having another All-star on the team.

He is selfish and that’s when he’s at his best. He needs to be alone because that’s when his game is at its purest. When he has to share the ball with an All-star he loses his rhythm.

He’s going to continue to play hard. That’s who he is but he’s not going to win it all this year and this is because of Paul George. They don’t have the chemistry and Paul George is just buying his time before making a move to L.A. and Westbrook knows it.

Next year Brodie will be by himself again and you will see The Oklahoma City Thunder back in championship form. He’s doesn’t want anybody else and he doesn’t need anybody else.

Is Tiger Woods the Greatest Athlete of All Time?

It is hard to argue against the fact of Tiger Woods beingthe best golfer to ever play the game.  Theman has won 81 tournaments, 15 majors, and still has at least five more yearsof great golf ahead of him if he stays healthy. With all that being said, I believe the argument could be made he is thegreatest athlete of all time.  Woodsdisplayed a level of dominance over the past 21 years that hasn’t been matched inany sport. 

Between the years of 1999 and 2003, Woods won an outstanding32 tournaments, the next best won eight. Just to make that stat seem even crazier, the two top golfers in theworld rankings, Justin Rose and Dustin Johnson, have combined to win only 29times in their careers.  Since theOfficial World Golf Rankings started keeping track of the top players in theworld, Woods has spent 683 weeks, just over 13 years, as the top golfer.  That is 352 weeks, well over six years,longer than anyone else.   Sports Illustratedawards an athlete of the year honor, and has done so since 1954, Woods is theonly person to ever win it twice.    However, quite possibly the most outstandingstat that comes to Woods career, is that he has won 23% of his starts.  Dustin Johnson, who some view as the bestgolfer right now, has a winning percentage of 7.9%.

Woods has displayed a level of dominance in golf that hasnever been seen, and that we might never see again.  It is also a career that might be moredominant than anything we have, or ever will see, in sports history.  Woods changed the game of golf, he forcedgolf courses to get longer because he was hitting it much farther, which gotthe younger generation swinging harder and harder, now the game is more aboutdistance than it has ever been. Tiger Woods changed the game, everyone had tochange how they played just to attempt to compete with him, and he is the greatest athlete in sports history. 

Flash VS The Truth

If you pay attention to SportCenter or any NBA talk show, you most likely have heard Paul Pierce (a former member of the Boston Celtics, NBA Champion, and Finals MVP) claim that he had a better career than Dwyane Wade. The three-time NBA Champion who averaged 33 ppg in the NBA Finals in his third year and is arguably a top 3 shooting guard of all time. When I first heard him say this, I was waiting for a chuckle and for everyone on set to laugh it off, but this guy was actually being serious. As one of my favorite sports reporter/ journalist, Stephen A. Smith would say “THAT’S BLASPHEMOUS” or maybe it would be something more on the lines like “STAY OFF THE DAMN WEED”.  

Regardless of what everyone else said about the matter, Pierce could not be more wrong. Pierce, aka THE TRUTH, was a hell of a player, as clutch as they come, and sure shot Hall of Famer. There was many times I watched him hit daggers against teams in the playoffs and in one instance, Pierce was wheelchaired off the court with an apparent ankle injury. The fans held their breaths only to be ignited in screams when Pierce returned through the tunnel and led them to victory. Pierce meant so much to the city of Boston and in no way, shape, or form do I want to discredit the legendary career that he had.  

Dwyane Wade, to put it simply, was just a better player than Pierce. Pierce never said he was better than Wade, however, just that he has had a better career than him. This statement is beyond ignorant considering Wade has two more championships, six more top 10 in MVP voting, four more all NBA 1st or 2nd team, and three seasons scoring better than 27 PPG, to Pierce’s ZERO. It is not even a question who had a better career. I could go on and on about stats, like how D-Wade made an All-Defensive team three times compared to Pierce, who again had ZERO.  

I have watched D-Wade play for the Miami Heat hundreds of times. I have watched Wade and Pierce duke it out on the NBA’s biggest stage. But this is no debate. Paul Pierce was an assassin on the court, some called him a “professional scorer”. The stage was never too big for Pierce. Dwyane Wade, on the other hand, was DIFFERENT. He could kill you with the turnaround jumper, or drive and throw it doesn’t in your grill. Not to mention that he is the ALL-TIME leading shot blockers for guards putting him in front of the GOAT. Wade got it done on both ends of the floor and simply knew how to win. To me, he will go down as the 3rd best shooting guard to play the game, behind Kobe and MJ.  

DeMarcus Cousins goes down. Plotted by Warriors

The Golden State Warriors lost to the Los Angeles Clippers last night after blowing a 31 point lead. Get it? A 3-1 lead. AGAIN! Now their worst star goes down with a torn Quad. Was this organized by the Warriors?

When Cousins is on the floor the Warriors plus minus is actually lower than when he is on the floor versus off the floor. This just goes to show he is the kryptonite of his own team. The Warriors biggest threat is on their own bench. Can he still destroy the Warriors from the sideline? Steve Kerr says, “No.”

The real question is, was this all a plan to destroy the modern day 93 Bulls? Steve Kerr believes with more marijuana that Cousins will be back in no time, but is that really what the Warriors front office wants? Every championship comes with a large bonus for the winning team. If the Warriors want to keep their core together they need all the money they can get. Cousins was just a bump in the road to glory.

Cousins being hurt is the best thing for the Warriors and this was fully plotted by the front office to make more money. Is this bad? Not at all. This will go down as the greatest money move of all time. Injuring DeMarcus Cousins.

The Best Comeback in Sports History?

Ever since Tiger Woods started to fall off, whether it was the end of 2009 with the drama with his wife, or the countless amount of surgeries he has had, I have been on the train that he would never be the same golfer he was prior to everything. I always thought that he was just hurting his legacy, he could’ve retired after the 2008 US Open when he won in an 18-hole playoff, and a majority of the sports world would still have called him the greatest golfer of all time. Here I am though eating my words because that man just won the 2019 Masters tournament, his fifth one and 15th major.

It is very hard to argue that Woods isn’t the best golfer of all time. Currently he is second in PGA tour wins at 81 when first place is Sam Sneed is at 82, and he is also second at majors at 15 when Jack Nicholas has 18. His win percentage is also much better than anyone out there. However, a vast majority of this all came between the years of 1996 and 2008. In his career he has underwent three knee surgeries and four back surgeries. All of these surgeries, except for one of the knee surgeries, happened after the 2008 US Open.
The golf world seemed to have two competing sides when it came to Woods current career, one side thought he was still going to be able to break all the records, and the other side thought he was done, and I was on the second side. It is now really hard to sit on that side, I have always been a Woods fan, he is the reason I got into golf, but who would’ve thought that someone who went through the surgeries and social life that he did, could snag the green jacket again. He is the greatest golfer of all time, I think that is impossible to argue, but he also had the greatest comeback ever. He went 11 years without winning a major, before winning the Tour Championship last year, he was on a 5-year winless drought. Now what is holding him back? If he stays healthy, he might still be able to break the 18 major record. This is one of the few moments that I have had in my life that I’m happy I’m wrong. Golf needs Tiger Woods playing good, and it looks like we have a lot of fun golf to watch in the next few years.

OBJ was sent to Cleveland to Die

It’s over. A phenomenal career from the 26 year old Odell Beckham Jr. but his time has come to an end. When you get traded to the Browns say good bye to any shot at making any type of history.

390 receptions, 5,476 yards, and 44 Touchdowns later, the #13 has actually brought the curse to OBJ’s doorstep. He has no chance at a ring. There is too many ego‘s on that team now.

Send him anywhere else in the country he may have a shot but when the NFL sends you to Cleveland they know what they are doing. He’s had too much lime light. The NFL is tired of the spectacular catches.

His teammates Baker Mayfield and Jarvis Landry’s season last year was a fluke and on top of that they still didn’t make the post season. If you think OBJ is your teams “savior” I’d look again. I’d argue the New York Giants had a better team in Eli Manning’s experience and rookie superstar Shaquon Barkley.

When the Browns lose their first game this year, this team will fall apart. They’re young and the chemistry just isn’t there. Post season is out of the question, heck, will they even make 500?

Russell Westbrook will be remembered more than Kevin Durant

On July 4, 2016 Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors. Since then both players have built a significant resume in order to define their legacy, but who will be remembered more?

Despite being a two time NBA champion, Kevin Durant will go down in history as Judas. On the other hand Russell Westbrook will go down as the loyal dog who kept fighting for his city racking in 3 seasons of averaging a triple double.

The vibe in the league is to win as many championships to define your legacy, but Durant ruined his when he decided to join the 73-9 GSW. The OKC Thunder took no time in replacing the star by gaining more stars. Are you really a legend if you are easy to replace? Westbrook has continued to lead his team to the playoffs each year since he’s been gone. The Thunder did not need him.

Both are MVP of the league, but Westbrook has more to show for it. Going hard night in and night out to carry the team to the playoffs, and averaging a triple double. Paul George has been a big help, but it has been a journey to come back to a championship contending team. Westbrook has shown he did not need Durant and the GM of the Thunder Sam Presti who was left with nothing was able to replace the star.

The 2019 NBA playoffs are starting soon and it will be interesting to see which player can lead their team deep into the playoffs.

Patrick MahGOAT

The greatest Quarterback since Joe Montana. Patrick Mahomes has all the tangibles, flare, and charisma to be the greatest to ever play the QB position.

In his 1st year as QB1 for the Kansas City Chiefs he’s already got the nations… perhaps the worlds attention. The 23 year old completed 383 passes. Mahomes also became the second player in NFL history to thow 50 touchdown passes and more than 5000 yards!

They call him MVPat as #15 led Chiefs Kingdom to the AFC championship earning the Most Valuable Player award. These milestones do nothing for the Young Kings abilities to shock the world night in and night out on the football field though.

When the stadiums packed and the lights are, on this kid shines bright. Trending on the World Wide Web as “The pass” this might be the single greatest play to reach the NFL spot light. On 2nd down, 1 yard to go Mahomes drops back, steps up in the pocket to avoid pressure, and hits Demarcus Robinson with a no-look pass across the middle for a 1st down and more. No one has ever seen anything like it, he’s the real deal Holyfield.

When he’s not blowing your mind with extraordinary no-looks and left hand passes, he’s busy dropping bombs over top of the defense to Tyreek Hill his number 1 wide receiver. The cannon on this kid is insane.

Let’s face it, Patrick Mahomes is nothing short of amazing, Watch out world the G.O.A.T. is young and he is HUNGRY!

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