The Laughing Stock of the NFL

The Cleveland Browns have successfully passed the “laughing stock of the NFL” baton to the New York Giants. It’s crazy to think that just 7 years ago, Eli Manning and the New York Giants hoisted the Lombardi trophy after beating Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Let me tell you. A lot can change in 7 years.

Over the last two years, the Giants have won a total of eight games. After a 3-13 season in 2017, the Giants turned that into a high draft pick and selected standout running back Saquon Barkley out of Penn State. This selection was a risk, but it panned out well for the Giants. Barkley is has already shown himself to be an elite playmaker who can take the ball out of the backfield as well as catch it and make plays in the open field. However, his great rooking season only resulted in the Giants winning five games in 2018.  

This offseason has been rough for New York Giants fans. A lot of people inside and outside of the organization are starting to question the general manager Dave Gettleman. Recent drafts have come up short of expectations (aside from Barkley) and his trades and pick-ups, or lack thereof, have been pointless or hurtful to the team. In March of this year, the Giant’s traded their franchise wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr. To the Browns. Although OBJ has had his issues on and off the field, that is a talent you simply cannot let go. He is second ALL-TIME in yards per game, only behind Julio Jones. This just added more fuel to the dumpster fire that is the New York Giants.  

To everyone’s surprise, the Giant’s plan on keeping Eli Manning as the starting quarter and leader of the offense for next season. Don’t get me wrong, Eli Manning is a Hall of Famer with two super bowl championships, but I don’t think he has enough left in the tank. However, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be a great mentor for a young quarterback.

That brings me to my next point, the potential to draft your franchise QB. With the sixth pick in this year’s draft, the Giants selected Daniel Jones out of Duke. This shocked the crowd and the sports world as higher thought of QBs such as Dwayne Haskins and Drew Lock were still on the board. I mean, I can’t say much considering the ridicule the Chiefs got for trading up to get Patrick Mahomes. I guess we will have to see, but personally, I don’t see this working out for the Giants.  

Kyrie Irving Fails as a Leader

I’ll start this off by saying that Kyrie Irving is one of my favorite players watch. His insane handles and ability to finish around the rim can make any basketball fan shake his head in disbelief. However, this year has been a rollercoaster for Irving and the Boston Celtics in general. After making a deep playoff run last year, without a healthy Irving or Gordon Hayward, the expectations of the Celtics this season was sky high.

A few years back, Irving was on top of the world, helping the Cleveland Cavaliers win their very first NBA Championship. Alongside the great Lebron James and Kevin Love, these three led one of the best comebacks in sports history, coming back from a 3 games to 1 deficit to beat the Golden State Warriors. Unfortunately, these times for the Cavaliers were short lived, as Irving left to go to Boston and Lebron leaving for the Lakers. Irving was not happy being second fiddle to Lebron James. He wanted his own team and to lead them to the promise land. Looks like he may have bit off more than he could chew.

When this season started, the Boston Celtics were the front runners of the Eastern Conference. Although the Bucks and Raptors showed everyone that it may be them there at the end, we all expected the Celtics to make another deep run in the playoffs. The Boston Celtics struggled all year and every time I watched them play, I felt as if they were falling way short of their potential. In addition, the team just simply did not have the energy or grit that I had seen last year. Sometimes, it looked like Irving didn’t care at all. Countless interviews showed him almost in a depressive state, giving one-word answers and snapping a reporter. Along with other things expressing his nonchalant attitude, he was quoted saying that he doesn’t owe anything to Boston, even when he asked permission of the fans if he could come back next year. Oh, how things have changed.

When the playoffs started, everyone expected the Celtics to buckle down and get to business. Their first round series against the Indiana Pacers went smoothly, as they won in four straight games. It was the next series against the powerhouse that is the Bucks, that Irving and the Celtics would struggle. After winning the first game in Milwaukee, the Celtics dropped four straight and were eliminated from the playoffs. In the series, it seemed that Irving could not find any kind of rhythm. He shot under 40% from the field and under 30% from three-point range. His playmaking skills were also affected as his assist to turnover ratio was less than half of what it was during the season.  

The Celtics were embarrassed over the course of those last four games even being booed at their home arena. It didn’t seem to bother Irving, however. During his post-game interviews, not once did he take any kind of blame for the Celtic’s struggle. After one game, a reporter asked about his shooting struggles and brought up how he shot 6-17. Irving answered with a smart remark and said he should’ve shot it 30 times. Everything that I have seen from Irving this year has made me question his ability to lead a team. He hated being “Lebron’s little brother” so much that he jumped into a scenario that I don’t think he was ready for. Hell, the Celtics went 12-3 without Irving this season and just 37-30 with him this season.  

It is unlikely that we see Kyrie Irving in a Boston Celtics jersey next season. It seems that he has already given up on Boston and move on in free agency. With the likes of Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, Irving will team up with one of them, either in New York or for the Clippers. As much as I want to see Irving succeed, I just don’t think he is ready to lead a team without the help of another superstar.

The NFL is Going Soft

The NFL this past season has come under fire for the amount of roughing the passer penalties that were called last season. This is due to the fact that the most important assets to the NFL are the quarterbacks. They are the most paid and the most protected. They are the cash-cow figure heads of the league. The fan favorite quarterbacks are the most important.

Even the kickoffs were changed which now has basically taken away the chances of the kicking team to recover an onside kick.

Defensive players are not longer allowed to sack a quarterback, or hit the quarterback releasing the ball, and land with their full weight on the quarterback. This makes clean sacks much harder to accomplish. For a defender to go full speed past a blocker, then try and control themselves (opposite as they have been taught for sometimes as long as the past 30 years) is against everything they have learned.

Not only is it hard mentally to control ones self, it is also a higher risk of injury when someone tries to pull up like that. Putting your foot in the ground to catch all your weight is very dangerous for a player. These new rules plus the touchy calls that quarterbacks have always received in their favor, are taking away from the physicality of football and what makes it so great.

A new set of rules are going into effect this upcoming 2019-2020 season that protect all defenders from any kind of “blind-side” hits. This means any unaware defender is protected as they cannot be hit by blockers coming back towards the play. This means that after a rout, most wide receivers cannot affect the play to block for the ball carrier. Defenders can now run freely with no consequence of by blown up by someone waiting for them. This will change the whole future scheme of defense and how the game is played for the worse.

The NBA is Going Downhill

When it comes down to watching sports, I will watch anything.  I frequently watch golf, baseball, football, and basketball.  As an avid golfer, I know that my sport isn’t necessarily the most fun to watch for those who are not interested, but I feel like it has no comparison to how the NBA is now.  Now all the NBA is a player crossing half court and throwing up a three pointer, then if he misses, there was good defense, it just has to be a foul.  There is next to no structured offense anymore, and minimal defense.  It doesn’t even look like basketball.  Any given day of the week, I would much prefer to watch NCAA basketball.  During March Madness, or even just a Duke/North Carolina game adds much more entertainment for the viewer than the NBA solely because of the fact that they play basketball.  You can see the offense working trying to find an open man, the defense working their ass off to try to prevent them from scoring.  Except on rare occasions there isn’t a James Harden like player that says give me the ball and get out of my way, which has become the normal view in the NBA.  If the NBA went back to being like that I would quickly start watching again, but I cannot take what the NBA has become, yes it has its moments where something crazy happens, but other than that it isn’t enjoyable to watch, and all the kids growing up want to play like what they see in the NBA and it’s ruining the game.      

James Harden is The Biggest Diva of The NBA

As we go further into the NBA playoffs we get to watch NBA best players go head to head. One thing we are starting to notice is officiating can be very inconsistent according to players.

James Harden is the biggest diva. The Rockets are the biggest complainers of the league right before Doc Rivers.

Harden is a rule chaser. Each year he sees how he can manipulate rules to take advantage of his opponents. So does this really make him an MVP? His moves allow him so much space because no defender can touch him. That is why when he reaches the playoffs he is doing all he can to take advantage of the rules, but the refs aren’t having it this year.

Is this what 2019 is all about? Crying until something is changed? James Harden seems to think so. He would rather cry than play harder. Is this your MVP?

James Harden gave a good MVP case in the regular season, but it will be interesting to see how he does in the playoffs.

Tom Brady’s Wife is a Witch

In recent years Tom Brady has been doing unbelievable things on the football field and this past season, his 19th season, he won his 6th Super Bowl. In a Gillette interview the phenom Quarterback gives credit to his wife claiming That she’s is in fact a good witch.

He goes on saying that he has been doing specific things and gives details about how him and his team have been playing so well. He says his wife has created an alter for him and he put pictures of his kids buy it, that she has him saying all these mantras, wearing healing stones, and taking special drops.

Tom Brady says that she predicted their super bowl wins before and that this year he went to her and specifically asked her if this year was their year. She said “Yes, but you have a lot of work to do and you need to do exactly what I say”. As you may know they go on the to win this years Super Bowl. At the end of the interview Tom Brady says that his wife says “You married a witch but you’re lucky I’m a good witch.”

Can you imagine the impact of this being a true story? One, millions of people watch the NFL season year in and year out and for witchcraft to be involved it’s not only cheating, it makes it all pointless. Two, a witch not only telling the world what she’s been doing, but exposing herself to the entire world is insane.

Paul Pierce Was Right?

Paul Pierce made a very bold statement last week when he said that he had a better career than “The Flash,” Dwayne Wade. This outraged millions across the internet. Even Jalen Rose called him out on their show.

At first if you had asked what this writer thought about that comment, I had said it was preposterous. But then I got to thinking. Was “The Truth,” Paul Pierce right?

Yes he was. When it comes to championships, The Flash leads. But did he earn those rings? The answer is no. Both championships came at the peaks of other stars careers. A prime Shaq, arguably the most dominate big man in history. Secondly LeBron James, the best basketball player of all time.

When these players came to Miami, The Flash just handed over the ropes and gladly stepped into the shadow of these players.

But when KG and Ray Allen came to Boston, The Truth held his ground. That was his team and meant more to the organization than Wade did. Never did Wade even so much as have a Finals MVP, but Pierce did.

Wade became trade bait late in his career, bouncing from the Bulls, to the Cavs, then back to Miami. Where Miami remained mediocre without a superstar to elevate the game of Wade.

To conclude this take, it is important to remember that championships are not what define the career of stars. It is the character and consistency that the player brought year after year. With that said, Kevin Durant is a snake and his career will forever be defined by his move to Golden State. He too, will have a lesser career than The Truth, Paul Pierce.

Winning in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks won their first playoff series since 2001. The Bucks were a basketball power house in the 90s but have not seen much success since then. They have made the playoffs only 4 times since 2001 and losing first round in every one of those outings. The Bucks beat the Detroit Pistons in the first round of the 2019 NBA Playoffs, sweeping the series in four games.

The Bucks have a well balanced team with one exception. The leader of the team is Giannis Antetokounmpo, a 5th year player from Athens, Greece. He grew up homeless and didn’t start playing the game of basketball until he was 8 years old. He is now one of the league’s top power forward at age 24. This young star hopes to take the Bucks all the way to the NBA finals this year. The Bucks of new aren’t anything special though.

I don’t think they can win it all but we will see. Bucks will get swept in the next series. Their luck has run out, riding the coat tail of Giannis is over. He has an awful jump shot and useless from outside. The other part of the team can’t hold their own, when it comes to the playoffs. Bye, bye, Bucks.

The NBA’s Worst Player, Draymond Green

Draymond Green is a 6’7 Power Forward from Michigan State University. He was draft to the Golden State Warriors in 2012, in the second round at the thirty fifth pick. Many people believe that Draymond Green is the engine that helps the team go but really he is what holds the team back.

Draymond Green’s stats have progressively gotten worse over the last 3 years. Averaging 7.4 points a game, along with 6.3 rebounds, and 5.4 assist. That is pretty low considering he is a 2x NBA All Star. He also has earned the defensive player of the year award twice but during those years he led the NBA is fouls and technical fouls. Draymond is the most overrated player we have ever seen, and his only claim to being good is playing for a team that has so many stars that they can hide him.

He also is known for being extremely arrogant and quickly tempered. His arrogance may come off as confidence but it makes him look dumb. In 2016 he would get ejected which is an automatic one game suspension, many would believe this would effect the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In which Cleveland would make history to come back from a 3-1 series lead. 

Draymond Green is not only overrated but the worst player in the NBA and a liability to the Golden State Warriors.

Portland Trailblazers in 4

The Portland Trailblazers are playing the Oklahoma City Thunder in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Many believed this would be an upset in which the Thunder would win the series. That is not the case, not only will they not win the series but will fail to win even one game. They are out matched at just about every position.

Damian Lilard is the leader of the Trailblazers, matching up with the Thunders best player Russell Westbrook. Westbrook is an amazing guard that displays wonderful numbers during the regular season. But when it comes to the playoffs he is just no match for Lilard. Lilard is an all around guard that is shooting 43% from three-point range, and over 50% inside the arch on the year. He also is one of the better defending point guards in the league. Westbrook, however, puts up better number than Lilard but in the playoffs the team expose he weaknesses. He fails to make the right plays at the right times and is shooting 23% from behind the three-point line. This is recipe for disaster for the Thunder.

The Thunder also have a second All Star guard in Paul George, but he also has struggled in this series. In the first two games he is 6 for 24 from behind the three-point line, that’s 25% for their best shooter. With the Thunder’s two stars struggling to shoot the ball and already down 2-0 in the series. I don’t see them pulling together enough to win even one game.

This series is literally the Lilard and McCollum show and we are all apart of it. In the first two games these two guards are both averaging 30 ppg and over 45% from the field. If they continue to shoot the ball this well, not only will they win all four games in a row but will do it with ease. Portland in 4.

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